Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

November 4, 2023

When choosing your wedding photographer, there’s a few criteria you should keep an eye out for. These different tips are important in ensuring that you get the experience you’re looking for in order to have memories that last a lifetime.

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Connecting with your Photographer

One of the most important things to look for is if you can get along with them. You will be with your photographer more on your wedding day than you’ll be with your partner, so you want to make sure your photographer is someone you can be around all day. The best feeling is having your photographer walk in on the day of your wedding feeling like a friend instead of just another vendor.

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The next step in choosing your wedding photographer is making sure you and your partner determine your budget for your wedding photographer before you start looking. You want to make sure you find someone in your price range so you don’t go over budget – There’s usually always a photographer in every price point. While the package inclusions are important, you also want to see who is in your price point.

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Photography Style

Make sure you’re keeping in mind that most photographers have a different style of editing and posing. When looking for your photographer, you’ll want to make sure that you like their method of editing (light and airy, or Moody, Natural, etc.). You’ll also want to make sure that you like their method of getting poses. Are you looking for someone who does more of a candid-style approach to posing, where they give you a guideline and then let you do what you want, or do you want someone to tell you how to position yourself specifically? Make sure you know what you’re looking for.

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Legally Covered

One of the more important steps is making sure that your photographer can provide proof that they’re a legal business and that they have insurance. You’ll also want to make sure that they have contracts, invoices, and that they pay their taxes. You don’t want to get mixed up with someone who isn’t doing business legally – you have the right to ask for proof of insurance, and should you move forward with a photographer, they should provide you a legally binding contract and invoice. If they don’t, I would recommend looking for another photographer who can prove they’re legally legit.

Flat-Lay Details for Wedding Day

Your “Gotta Have It” List

While the steps above are important, equally important is making sure that the photographer you’re booking can offer you everything you want. If you just want an 8-hour day of coverage with one photographer and a wedding album, let your photographer know. If they aren’t able to accommodate what you’re looking for, consider looking for someone who can.

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While it may seem intimidating looking for a wedding photographer, as long as you remember what’s important to you, what your budget is, and to make sure that the photographer is legally legit, you’ll be all set and will find your photographer quickly!

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