15 Virginia Session Location Spots

July 19, 2023

There are so many places in Virginia and surrounding states, that’s it’s sometimes too difficult to choose where you want to have your photography session. I’ve compiled a list of 16 spots around Virginia and D.C. for you to choose and not have to stress over picking the right location.

To make it easier I’ve broken up the locations down by features. Enjoy!


Maymont Park 

Maymont Park has it all, from gardens, to open fields, to gazebos. There’s a little bit for everyone here, but my favorite part for engagement sessions is the Italian Gardens which has a fountain, mountain-like backdrop, and a pergola aisle way.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

A beautiful location for a session filled with florals. All year around, you can find gorgeous buildings with overflowing garden beds. In early spring the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, then in late spring the rose bushes are bursting with color!  Permit Required

Capitol Park 

Surrounding the Virginia State Capitol is a well maintained park with ornate fences, fountains, and greenery. There are some surrounding buildings with vast steps and tall columns. This little slice of RVA is basically a smaller version of D.C.


Libbie Hill 

Libbie Hill is overlooking Richmond City. You can enjoy a river view with a beautiful fountain, or more of a neighborhood view with ornate fences. This location is versatile and beautiful.

Downtown Richmond (Near Fountain Bookstore)

Cobblestone streets, old-style stores, and tons of cars show off one of Richmond’s oldest parts of the city. You can stop in a coffee shop for some fun props and casual flirting to give your photos some more documentary style. This Virginia session location is great for anyone on the go or love being in the city.

Great Shiplock Park

From train tracks to the canal, there’s a bit of city mixed with relaxed park vibes at the Great Shiplock Park. I’ve been to this area in the fall with the ever changing leaves, and in the summer with lush green trees. There’s also a hidden water access beach area which is so fun for any occasion.

Water Front

Virginia Beach 

Think Outer Banks Television but closer to home. The beach offers sun, sand, and water. Opt to go during sunrise to catch the gorgeous rays of the sky and have the whole beach to yourselves. Get messy and run in the waves with your partner, or grab some ice cream cones from the boardwalk and have some fun!

Pony Pasture

Enjoy the James River bank side by venturing to Pony Pasture. There are rock formations you can climb and wooded paths as well as an older brick building to change up your session. This location is perfect for nature loving partners with animals that are in the session as well.

Woodlake Pavilion

There’s something about taking a canoe out on the water and photographing that journey or love you have with the water and your partner. This neighborhood has a large pavilion, boardwalks, and trails which are perfect for pet-loving, water junkies. This location is perfect for any occasion.



The backside of the Virginia Museum of Fine arts sits a women’s building with impressive architecture and green lawns. If you walk around the property, you are greeted with a history, an old church, gardens, and impressive lanterns on an estate-like building.

Jefferson Memorial (D.C.)

All the memorials in D.C. are great for any type of session. The Jefferson has vast steps, tall columns, a water basin with city views in the distance. This location has the best of both worlds.

Morven Park (NOVA)

A classic old estate with surrounding fields, tailored gardens, vintage gates, and street lamps leading from the gardens to the mansion is one of the perfect spots for your Virginia session location. There are lion statures near the main home and enough property for a grand picnic if that’s what you choose. This Northern Virginia estate screams excellence and high society.

Campus of UVA (Charlottesville)

You can’t go wrong with the campus of UVA. In the center of Charlottesville, the university campus has it all. Gardens, beautiful buildings, fountains, cute boutique cafes, and open lawns for lounging. This would make a beautiful spot for an engagement session.


Raven’s Roost (Skyline Drive)

What’s not to love about the mountains. This Virginia session location is on Skyline Drive and just so stunning. I’ve only been to Raven’s Roost in the morning during sunrise, which is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen before. It will get very crowded any time of the day as it’s right off the road, but almost everyone is eager to stay out of your way so you can get some breathtaking photos!

Jewells Hollow (Skyline Drive)

Another beautiful mountain view with less rock formations. This has the vibe of a field right off the cliff of a mountain! It’s still stunning to see in the early morning.

If you love one of these locations, then head over to my contact page and send me an email to book your session!

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