5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know

September 30, 2022

As a photographer, I deal with lots of different people and it’s easy to call them my friends. While wedding planning, it’s sometimes easy to forget about your vendors when really, they are there making your dream come to life. The planning process is one of my favorite parts of a wedding, as well as taking your photos, of course. So here are 5 things that as a Wedding/Quinceanera photographer I want you, my client, to know!


Send me a save the date and invite! Not only will I keep these for the big day in case you forget to bring your invitation suite for photos, but it makes me feel like after all those long hours of talking about your wedding and planning with you, that we are friends and you think of us a guest and not just a vendor.


About 3 months before your wedding, you should compile a list of important family photos that you want to have from your weddings. I will always send my couples a questionnaire that they will fill out with important details and there will be a section for important photos. My assistant will be there to call out names so that we make sure not to miss a single person that you want to have photographed!


Wedding or event food is usually so good! So please treat your vendors, especially your photographer to a hot meal that the rest of your guests are privy to. We work 8-12 hour days, standing on our feet, making sure you get everything documented so why not feed us a substantial meal. It’s also nice to sit at a real table, with other vendors or some of your friends so we really do feel cared for. Think about it, our job doesn’t end with your sparkler exit, no, we spend hours and hours going through your photos, sharing sneak peaks, and editing your photos so you can have beautiful memories for lifetimes.


This is sometimes a hard one, but getting ready is an important part of your event. If you have a chance to score a nice clean room, then make sure not to clutter it up too much. We understand you need to bring a lot to a wedding or event, but try to keep your things neat so when we come in, there isn’t too much we need to clean before starting our job. If you don’t have access to space at the venue for getting ready then just make sure your home or hotel is accessible for us to do our job properly. This also goes for the guy’s room!


I don’t know about you but I love when brides text me about their wedding. If you picked out your dress, send it to me. I want to gush about how beautiful it is with you. Did you pick out the tuxes or maybe just shoes, send them over. I love talking to my brides and Quinceaneras before their big day because it gets me just as excited about your event as you do. Let’s celebrate together!

I hope this list helps you and also gives you a little insight to photographers and our feelings too. If you have an upcoming event and want to talk about it, text me!!


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