Pros & Cons Of An Elopement

September 30, 2022

Elopements have become really popular since the pandemic. While the world shut down, people were still falling in love and getting married, but it was really hard for them to invite everyone they know to the wedding. Eloping in a fun location was perfect for them to get married and share their love with close family and friends. There are always pros and cons of everything in live, including elopements.

So, here’s a list for you to think about when planning your elopement:


  • Your wedding will consist of only those closest to you who can also travel. This means it’s cheaper for food, party favors, and rentals for tent or furniture.
  • The budget is smaller (not by much) on elopements. While the costs are lower, don’t expect to skimp on your photographer, your attire, or you officiant. Those are three key aspects of your elopement are what make your wedding dreams come true.
  • There are less things to think about for an elopement. Do you need flowers? Maybe you’d want a bouquet, but it’s not necessary. You won’t have to worry about decorating dozens of tables with fresh florals. Party favors are a thing of the past so you can forgo those for your elopement.
  • You may choose not to have a bridal party, which means less hassle with picking out attire and florals.


  • Not everyone will be able to travel to a remote location.
  • You won’t be able to invite everyone you want to.

I can’t really think of too many cons to eloping other than your guests not being invited or not being able to attend.

Think about whether you really want to elope and if it will fit into your lifestyle. Most of these photos came from a mountain wedding in North Carolina, and you can check out that blog post here.

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