Birth Stories start at $1200.

Birth stories are documentary style images that record the arrival of your baby. Through these images, you will be able to relive your birth experience and remember all the small details that you wouldn't have remembered while you were in labor. 

Birth stories

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As I arrive at the birthing location, I will photograph everything from the outside of the building, to the inside, and all the details of your labor. These images are journalistic, raw and imperfect. I will not be asking you to pose or smile at the camera. Labor is unplanned and unpredictable, so I will be a fly on the wall documenting the whole thing. If there is an emergency or your birthing team asks me not to photograph a certain part of your birth, then I'll step away until it's appropriate for me to return. 


I will be on call 24/7 at 38 weeks until up to 2 hours after your birth. This means I will not be more than 45 minutes away from my home. My camera equipment will be charged and packed in my car the entire time. And my phone will be on and at the loudest ring tone available, waiting for your call. 

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Your Birth Story will be delivered through a password-safe online gallery for downloading and ordering prints and products. 

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While my camera can handle low light situations, and during your birthing process you may want to be surrounded by darkness, it's important to remember that lighting is important and needed to be able to document your birth. Window light, soft lamps, or a string of LED lights can help immensely for recording your birth story.